Nova Video Player - Android application privacy policy


This privacy policy covers the use of the 'Nova Video Player' Android application.

It may not be applicable to other software produced or released by Courville Software.

Please note that Courville Software is a non-profit organization based in France, operated by volunteers.

Nova Video Player when running does not collect any statistics, personal information, or analytics from its users, other than Android operating system built in mechanisms that are present for all the mobile applications.

Nova Video Player allows videos to be played on various network transports. Cookies are not stored at any point. Authentication credentials can be stored optionally on the user's local device upon the user's explicit request. Authentication credentials might be shared across devices using proprietary encryption mechanisms provided by the Android operating system. Courville Software does not have access to any such information.

Third party cloud service dependencies

Note that Nova Video Player:

Nova online FAQ or specific open-source licenses of libraries used in the application can be accessed from settings and generates web requests that might be logged on the web servers serving these information.

Crash reports

When a user has opted-in to the Android vitals terms, when Nova Video Player application crashes, an anonymized crash report is automatically sent and available on Nova Video Player developpers Google Play console. This report includes Operating System/hardware product version and an anonymized stack trace of the process causing the crash.

Additionaly, only on github pre-release versions (not the Google Play releases), application might send detailed crash reports including stack traces to Nova developers private instance in order to improve application quality prior to official releases.

Android permissions requested by the application

Note that Nova Video Player application requires the following android platform permissions: